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The Human Design

Nothing like you have ever experienced in a journal before!

This Journal has been designed to keep you organised in your Human Design experiment. With a lot of thought put into its design, my mission is to have you integrate this potent source of information into your life minimising, commonly experienced, overwhelm.

As you research, study and discover your Chart details you’ll come across how your Human Design functions, adjoin your findings to the appropriate sections for ease of reference - having your notes organised in one place will give you enjoyment in your uncovering’s.

Your legacy will be expressed within the pages of this Journal, so see it as a book of you that can be kept and passed down to generations after you!

Note the luxe design of this journal? This is to honour you and the work you do on yourself because self-discovery is a big deal!


Follow the link here to download your Chart.

"What a truly beautiful Journal. Not only is this journal such an amazing wealth of knowledge and advice from an extremely passionate advocate, but it is also simply stunning. From start to finish it has been well thought out and executed with every detail included to help our journey in Human Design. It doesn't matter if you are just starting or have been here for a while this journal is a wonderful support, guide and empowering resource. Thank you, Rana, for offering your heart and soul into this journal. It is a game changer for the world of Human Design.


Dominique Jones

(Teacher & Author)

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