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The very first Human Design Journal of its kind!



Cover: Luxe linen fabric on hard cover with gold foil stamping

Fabric Colour: Black 

Pages: 357 pages (numbered), gold dipped edges to finish it off beautifully.

Size: 140x210mm

Binding: Hard cover binding with sections sewn with black satin ribbon book mark.


Why it's not your average Human Design Journal - 

You will be able to customise the Journal according to your very own Human Design Blue Print.

The check boxes and lined pages will allow you to write your very own findings.

Through out the Journal you will find quotes and important notes to support you along the way.

You will find reference charts in all sections to help guide you through every part of your Chart.



  • How to use the Journal
  • Human Design study checklist
  • Chart Elements & guide
  • Personal Chart properties section
  • Aura - Meet with life
  • Strategy - Connect with life
  • Authority - Intuition/Decisions
  • Emotional Wave
  • Signature - Natural state
  • Not-Self Theme - Unnatural state
  • Profile - Personality
  • Line Expressions - Archetype of your Profile
  • Definition - Connection to self
  • Incarnation Cross - Purpose
  • Centres - Energy flow
  • Gates - Gates of truth
  • Channels - Gifts
  • Circuitry - Expressions
  • Transformational Variables - Digestion/Environment/Perspective/Motivation




Deep Integration harmonising your Human Design

  • 64 Gate reference
  • Planetary expressions reference
  • Astrology houses and signs reference
  • Conscious Personality & Unconscious Design

Human Design Life Cycles

  • Solar Return
  • Saturn Return
  • Uranus Opposition
  • Chiron Return
  • Sun Sign
  • Moon Sign
  • Rising Sign

Living By Design Questions and thought activations

Study, integrate and harmonise your experiments and findings when you explore your Human Design.

Resources & Notes

  • Extra notes and doodling pages


  • To help you understand commonly used terms when exploring Human Design.


Your enjoyment when experimenting with Human Design using this journal as your companion will be guaranteed. 

The Human Design Journal

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