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Create your Human Design Chart here  (Read Privacy Policy)

This is where you will need The Human Design Journal, it will become your best resource to keep you organised providing you with the perfect space to collate your notes for a smoother integration experience. You'll also find the 'Reference Charts' and 'Important Notes' a great help for understanding each part of your Chart so much better.

Upon discovering your Blue Print you will become intrigued with your findings. You will either want to have your Chart explored by a Human Design Specialist or further your studies in Human Design by taking a course/s and study its depths. It will be a self-discovery experiment you won't want to let pass. Use your Journal to store all your findings.


What is Human Design?

Human Design is a self-exploration system that draws on traditions -

I Ching - An ancient Chinese spiritual text that includes the wisdom of 64 energetic hexagrams and the 64 codons of your DNA, which in correspondence is the 64 Gates in your Body Graph. The I Ching is divided into two, the feminine (yin) and the masculine (yang) using this wisdom to help you obtain spiritual guidance, inspirational insight and Universal wisdom for personal development by the use of images, stories and ideas to add depth to the potential of your Gates and Channels in your Body Graph.

Kabbalah - Tree of Life. It is used as a mirror for self-assessment and attainment. It is translated into the Gates and Channels of your Chart.

Chakras - The 9 energy gathering points in your body, each with its own function in your energetic anatomy that you work with for energy flow and spiritual enlightenment.


Astrology - Your date and time of birth that determines your design and personality based on the position of the planets and of the zodiacal signs at the moment of your birth.

Quantum Physics - The science of Human Design. There is Quantum intelligence called Neutrinos: The solar system and star imprints we receive.

The many layers of Human Design doesn't ask you to believe in anything but offers you the opportunity to explore and experiment with the mechanics of your nature, allowing you to learn about yourself over and over, illuminating where you are not being your authentic self. It will provide you with a roadmap on how to start the process of deconditioning and provides insight on what it would look and feel like to be truly you!

why human design?

Human Design shows you where you may be living out of alignment, why you may be feeling frustrated, confused, unsatisfied and continuously searching for something to help you make sense of it all.

What would it feel like if you knew exactly how to make decisions?

How would it change things to work effectively with your partner, children or work colleagues?

What if there were answers within your design that shows you the way to unlock your purpose and give you answers to those questions?

Human Design opens your mind and cellular imprints to show you who we can be, and who we just are. It is an open invitation to be yourself and to show how you uniquely work in relationships, business and how your intuitive decisions are made.

There is nothing more important than becoming aware of yourself and discovering your potential. We do not recognise our body and its intelligence enough. It possesses vital information for us to tap into. This does not require faith, but observation and once this is realised and understood, you can begin to restore confidence in your ability to react optimally to events in your life.

You will discover new ways by learning to be you!

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